New Homebuilder Sales Strategies – Landing Pages For Selling A Home

Make a great landing page for a new homebuilder sales strategy

Landing pages are specific areas in your website that focus on a specific message and can be key to providing up to date information about the homes your are selling. Without landing pages, customers can get lost in a sea of information that most websites have. Moreover, today’s Internet users have very limited attention spans and wasting their time on information they already know or not need could lose you some leads and customers.

Importance of Landing Pages In New Homebuilder Sales


New homebuilder sales through landing pages

Landing pages are important to new home sales training because they tend to speak to a specific audience.  You can create a landing page for a specific type of buyer such as first time buyers, vacation homebuyers or second homebuyers, the choices are endless. By creating content to a specific audience and having the ability to send them to the information they want not only saves time but more importantly increases your site reputation and value.

Convert Them Into New Homebuilder Sales


convert your new homebuilder sales strategy into sales

You can use landing pages to convert casual visitors as part of your new homebuilder sales strategy  into potential leads. You can do so by implementing an exchange. For instance, you can provide them something of value in exchange for permission to be able to message them. This can be done with a lead capture form in your landing pages. It is important that you only stick to the basics like name, contact number and email address. Any additional information you ask increases your risk of losing that customer so less is more.  Make sure that the information you provide them in exchange for their personal information is something that is really of value to them.  It could be a home report, housing evaluation e-book, guide, insight on the neighborhood etc.

Qualities of a good Landing Page


Sold sign on a new home build

Headline – You need to be able to make an excellent first impression for your visitors and you can do so with a catchy headline. This piece of information should be something that can attract immediately their attention as statistics tells us you have approximately 3 ½ seconds to make that good impression.  Remember the visitor landed on this specific page from a link, email or from a Google search. The headline will automatically tell them that they have reached the right page.

Strong Image – Preferably a high-resolution image or graphic that is made specifically to match the information you want to present.

CTA – Otherwise known as call-to-action.  You need to spur them into action with an encouraging message so they will divulge their information in exchange for your offer.…

Best Places to Meet Other Christian Singles

Image of Christian singles serving Christ

Here at Buckner Fanning School, we take dating very seriously. Compared to other forms of dating and relationships, where people meet their soul mates at events, bars, work place, bookstores, at a coffee shop, we as Christians have their own perspective on how to meet their partners. It becomes difficult although, to identify a partner who is also of the same faith and religion because many Christian singles believe that like how God provided Adam with a woman, Eve, He will also provide them with a spouse. This causes many Christian singles not to get into a relationship or marry.

Where To Look

God has provided us with choices and he uses the same choices to bring about relationships and even marriages. One should take into consideration before choosing a method of finding a partner its reliability and whether it’s conflicting with their beliefs. Therefore, some of the ways Christians can meet their fellow Christians include the following:


It is in church where people of the same values and teachings meet, therefore all what you need to do is show up and be willing to know people. Some of the churches have ministries for singles and activities such as bible studies or social retreats. It’s also in church, where people who are not Christian come to hide, therefore, it is important to keep your Judge sharp.

Through Friends or Family

Family and friends can be a good reliable way to meet a Christian single because you can confide in them on the type of a partner you want, with honesty. From the recommendations they offer, you are able to make a step. Be thorough with your friends and family on the qualities you want in a companion. On the other hand, most relatives may lack discretion and may only want to marry you off, thus, it is important to choose wisely on whom to rely on.

Online Dating Sites

While many Christians are really opposed to the idea of finding a companion through online site, keeping an open mind, most of Christian online sites are equally dependable and reliable in meeting other Christian singles. By clicking on a person’s profile and asking them questions, you are able to get more information on the person.  You can easy search by Christian denomination, peoples beliefs, hobbies etc.. Making it really easy to find a great Christian match. The site we highly recommend is Christian Mingle, not only is it set up for Christian singles to meet but it is also one of the few that is Christian owned and operated.

Single Hangouts

There are church ministries which organizes events and retreats for Christian singles to meet and hangout out. These are the perfect set up since you are able to interact with other singles, learn their likes and personality in depth by hanging while hanging out. Much information about the other single are collected which will help you make a choice.


Christianity teaches us the beauty of a relationship and marriage which was initiated by God. But with the trouble that comes with finding another Christian single, many Christians have opted to be single. Small groups, serving in ministry, conferences, weddings, mission trips, workshop and as you live out life are some of the ways we can meet other fellow Christian singles.…

The Scope And Vision Of The Christian Education Schools

There are numerous Christian education schools which are operating in different parts of Europe and other countries. The primary aim of the schools is to make sure that the students get a clear idea about the preaching of the Bible and the ideology of Jesus Christ. Over the years, these schools have played a very important role when it comes to spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the society at large. They propagate the message of love and brotherhood and teach their students about the responsibilities and duties towards the society.

Their teaching procedures

These schools follow a highly well-defined and organized procedure. They have a very well-designed curriculum, aims towards instilling preaching of the Bible to their members. Here is a list of features of the teaching procedures

  • They take care of the educational needs of all the students were enrolled with them. They offer personalized instructions for every single student to make them aware of God’s call.
  • These schools have a very well-planned and designed curriculum which is meant to meet all the needs of the students.
  • The Biblical perspective is being articulated in a proper manner and is included in the curriculum. This makes it easier for the students to understand and comprehend the preaching of the Bible.
  • Their curriculum is made of well researched and designed materials which are meant to offer a clear picture about the teachings of Jesus Christ to their members.

These schools make sure that the students are engaged in creative, active, joyful learning; which is full of interesting aspects and is devoid of any sort of bore drum. The primary aim of the schools is to ensure that the students are enlightened and educated on various aspects of Christianity. Therefore, they make sure that the students enjoy their stay in the school and learn in a joyful manner.

For those who wish to follow the path of God, these schools would just be the perfect starting point for them. With well-designed curriculum, proper environment and qualified teaching staff; they offer a perfect ambience to learn about the preaching of Jesus Christ and practice them.


The Christian Education Schools And Their Functionalities

The Christian education schools provide products, resources, events and different types of services which help to enable and equip their members to carry out their mission. These schools offer their services at very low cost. Their primary mission is to preach the teaching of Jesus Christ and instill the true value of Christianity among their members. The members of the schools receive policy and support advisory services, for which they do not have to pay any additional charge. These schools not only play an important role in preaching the words of God, but at the same time also educate their members about different aspects of life. The members of the schools are taught to lead a disciplined life and follow the path of God

How these schools are helpful to the members?

These Christian education schools have been doing an excellent job by preaching the words of God in a way which can be easily understood and comprehended by their members. The main idea of the schools is to make sure that their members understand the essence of the preaching of the Bible so that they can implement them in their lives.

Besides personal grooming, these schools also educate its members on how to be a good citizen. The members are given a comprehensive and thorough idea about their social and moral duties and responsibilities. They are told about their duties towards the parents, friends, relatives and the society at large.

Workshops and conferences are being conducted on a regular basis, but the members get to interact with experts on this subject. These schools are governed by strict management, which ensures that proper discipline and decorum is being maintained. They have some of the best experts on this topic working for them, whose primary responsibility is to make the members aware about the various aspects of preaching of the Bible.

Individual attention

Since their primary goal is to educate and enlighten their students about the teaching of the Bible, they make sure that every single student receives individual attention. The teachers of well-trained and are very friendly. They have all the qualities to get along with the students and to address the needs and clear their doubts and individual levels.

These Christian Education Schools are operating with a vision of spreading God’s message to the society and making people aware about the preaching of the Bible. What makes them so special is the fact is that the rendered services at very low cost

Principles And Philosophies Of The Christian Education Schools

The Christian education schools are committed to instill the teachings of Christianity among its pupils. These schools expect their members to strive for attaining and maintaining high standards in their lives. These schools have special curriculum which is designed in order to make their members educated about various aspects of Christianity and let them know about the teachings of Jesus Christ. The members of these schools are taught to lead a disciplined life, both within and outside the school premises.

What are the general purposes of these schools?

These schools operate with some special purposes. Here are some of them

  • The curriculum of the schools is centered on God’s words as they have been depicted in the Bible.
  • These schools operate with a certain mission, which is to educate their members about the preaching of the Bible and implement them in their daily lives
  • They help their members to develop a clear idea about their lives, let them know about their duties and responsibilities towards a society and community, their behavior and attitude towards the parents and the entire society at large.
  • One of the main objectives of these schools is to preach the message of peace and love. The talk about brotherhood and mutual understandings among each other and emphasize on peaceful coexistence
  • These schools are well governed, directed by well-defined policies, and meet all the legal requirements
  • They have all the procedures written down as a gesture of accountability to the community and the stakeholders
  • All of their staff are highly qualified and have thorough knowledge of Christianity and Bible

Their Beliefs and Philosophy

 Here are some of the principles and philosophy they believe in

  • They believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the children grow up to be a good human being and at the same time have faith in the Almighty
  • These schools preach the teachings of Jesus Christ and encourage their members to spread the message of love and brotherhood
  • The authorities of these schools make sure that a conducive environment prevails within the school premises which would help their members to concentrate and focus and prevent them from being distracted

There are numerous schools that are working on the mission of educating people on Christianity. The numbers of these schools are increasing day by day and more and more people are joining them.