Best Places to Meet Other Christian Singles

Image of Christian singles serving Christ

Here at Buckner Fanning School, we take dating very seriously. Compared to other forms of dating and relationships, where people meet their soul mates at events, bars, work place, bookstores, at a coffee shop, we as Christians have their own perspective on how to meet their partners. It becomes difficult although, to identify a partner who is also of the same faith and religion because many Christian singles believe that like how God provided Adam with a woman, Eve, He will also provide them with a spouse. This causes many Christian singles not to get into a relationship or marry.

Where To Look

God has provided us with choices and he uses the same choices to bring about relationships and even marriages. One should take into consideration before choosing a method of finding a partner its reliability and whether it’s conflicting with their beliefs. Therefore, some of the ways Christians can meet their fellow Christians include the following:


It is in church where people of the same values and teachings meet, therefore all what you need to do is show up and be willing to know people. Some of the churches have ministries for singles and activities such as bible studies or social retreats. It’s also in church, where people who are not Christian come to hide, therefore, it is important to keep your Judge sharp.

Through Friends or Family

Family and friends can be a good reliable way to meet a Christian single because you can confide in them on the type of a partner you want, with honesty. From the recommendations they offer, you are able to make a step. Be thorough with your friends and family on the qualities you want in a companion. On the other hand, most relatives may lack discretion and may only want to marry you off, thus, it is important to choose wisely on whom to rely on.

Online Dating Sites

While many Christians are really opposed to the idea of finding a companion through online site, keeping an open mind, most of Christian online sites are equally dependable and reliable in meeting other Christian singles. By clicking on a person’s profile and asking them questions, you are able to get more information on the person.  You can easy search by Christian denomination, peoples beliefs, hobbies etc.. Making it really easy to find a great Christian match. The site we highly recommend is Christian Mingle, not only is it set up for Christian singles to meet but it is also one of the few that is Christian owned and operated.

Single Hangouts

There are church ministries which organizes events and retreats for Christian singles to meet and hangout out. These are the perfect set up since you are able to interact with other singles, learn their likes and personality in depth by hanging while hanging out. Much information about the other single are collected which will help you make a choice.


Christianity teaches us the beauty of a relationship and marriage which was initiated by God. But with the trouble that comes with finding another Christian single, many Christians have opted to be single. Small groups, serving in ministry, conferences, weddings, mission trips, workshop and as you live out life are some of the ways we can meet other fellow Christian singles.