New Homebuilder Sales Strategies – Landing Pages For Selling A Home

Make a great landing page for a new homebuilder sales strategy

Landing pages are specific areas in your website that focus on a specific message and can be key to providing up to date information about the homes your are selling. Without landing pages, customers can get lost in a sea of information that most websites have. Moreover, today’s Internet users have very limited attention spans and wasting their time on information they already know or not need could lose you some leads and customers.

Importance of Landing Pages In New Homebuilder Sales


New homebuilder sales through landing pages

Landing pages are important to new home sales training because they tend to speak to a specific audience.  You can create a landing page for a specific type of buyer such as first time buyers, vacation homebuyers or second homebuyers, the choices are endless. By creating content to a specific audience and having the ability to send them to the information they want not only saves time but more importantly increases your site reputation and value.

Convert Them Into New Homebuilder Sales


convert your new homebuilder sales strategy into sales

You can use landing pages to convert casual visitors as part of your new homebuilder sales strategy  into potential leads. You can do so by implementing an exchange. For instance, you can provide them something of value in exchange for permission to be able to message them. This can be done with a lead capture form in your landing pages. It is important that you only stick to the basics like name, contact number and email address. Any additional information you ask increases your risk of losing that customer so less is more.  Make sure that the information you provide them in exchange for their personal information is something that is really of value to them.  It could be a home report, housing evaluation e-book, guide, insight on the neighborhood etc.

Qualities of a good Landing Page


Sold sign on a new home build

Headline – You need to be able to make an excellent first impression for your visitors and you can do so with a catchy headline. This piece of information should be something that can attract immediately their attention as statistics tells us you have approximately 3 ½ seconds to make that good impression.  Remember the visitor landed on this specific page from a link, email or from a Google search. The headline will automatically tell them that they have reached the right page.

Strong Image – Preferably a high-resolution image or graphic that is made specifically to match the information you want to present.

CTA – Otherwise known as call-to-action.  You need to spur them into action with an encouraging message so they will divulge their information in exchange for your offer.